Our most frequently asked questions

What is your policy regarding driver age?

Our usual driver age policy is 25-75 (unless approved by our insurers).

Can I take the van overseas?

No overseas travel apart is permitted apart from Ireland. Overseas travel incurs a charge of £120 on top of hire charge. There is also a minimum hire of 7 days in place for travel to Ireland. Please be aware that your own breakdown cover must be provided for Ireland.

Do I get free mileage with my rental?

Yes, you do indeed get free mileage with your rental:

1 day rental = 200 miles
2 days = 300 miles
3 days = 300 miles
4 days = 400 miles

Rentals 5 to 7 days = 500 miles (72 miles per day thereafter).

Should you go over your daily allowance, an excess mileage fee is payable 0.25p per mile + VAT.

Do you have special rules about points on my drivers licence?

Yes, the maximum points you can have is 6 points.

We cannot rent to you if you have endorsements for DD10, IN10 and DR10 within the last 10 years (unless approved by insurers).

I plan to rent a van from you and use it to get rid of some rubbish. Is there anything I need to be aware of before I rent a van?

If you’re attending a local waste recycling centre you should apply for a permit online (you do not need the registration in advance for a hire vehicle). More often than not, permits can be completed online on day of your hire.